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Considering that marijuana is, by far, the most commonly abused illicit drug, we at UrineTheClear thought it was time to discuss the THC metabolite and its detectability times with regard to urine testing. Recent advancements in the field of drug testing have improved the specificity of the most frequently utilized testing method, immunoassay, more commonly referred to as EMIT.

The good news for you, the consumer, both figuratively and literally speaking, is that these enhanced testing methods have greatly reduced the number of false positives. It has also resulted in a narrowing of the “window” of detectability. That being said, the half-life of the THC metabolite can vary widely among individuals. There are currently testing methods which can detect even the passive use of marijuana in a user, though these detection times are very short-lived. Hope this info. proves helpful.



We at UrineTheClear want to clear up some common misconceptions when it comes to drug testing.

Perhaps the question we hearĀ  the most is: does it matter if the urine I purchase is male or female? The answer is NO. We have sold male urine since day one (to countless women) and still have not had a reported failure. If you see a website that offers a choice in gender, then A) they don’t know what they are talking about and/or B) they are playing to the naivete of the consumer.

There are differences, say during pregnancy, with regards to hormones that could be tested for, but this is simply not going to happen during a drug test. Labs must be certified and adhere to certain federal guidelines and this does not fall within that scope.

The reason we use male urine exclusively at UrineTheClear is not that we are sexist, it is because female donors are more susceptible to yeast infections than men (yes, men get yeast infections too). When a donor contributes yeast infected urine there are attributes, both visual and non-visual, that must be avoided. An example of a visual attribute could be a cloudy or murky appearance. Pus could be another. A non-visual example is bacteria, which could contribute to premature “aging” of the sample. To avoid these problems, we only accept male donors. Sorry ladies.


Hello and welco…

Hello and welcome to our first blog!

To our returning customers, you may have noticed a few things. First, our website is completely redesigned and more interactive. To all our new visitors out there, we want to say welcome and thanks for visiting. Our goal with this blog site is to provide our customers with accurate information regarding drug testing.

We know, having been at this for quite a while, that there is a lot of misinformation and mudslinging in our industry. UrineTheClear aims to inform the customer and hopefully provide a laugh or two along the way!

Thanx for visiting our site and check back with us soon!